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The Benefits of Switching to an Integrated Building Management System for Your Commercial Space


It Is Time to Switch to an Integrated Building Management System (IMBS)

10 Benefits of Switching to an IBMS for Your Commercial Space


As a commercial property owner or manager, optimizing operational efficiency is likely one of your top priorities. An integrated building management system, or IBMS, is a software solution that can help reduce costs, create the perfect environment for occupants, and secure compliance with regulations. By centralizing control and monitoring of various systems onto a single platform, an IBMS offers multiple benefits for any commercial space. In a time of rising energy prices, increased environmental concerns, and tightened regulations, an IBMS is essential for cost-effective building operations and management.


Read on to learn more about the benefits of switching to an IBMS.


What Is an Integrated Building Management System?

An IBMS is a centralized control platform that connects and automates the various systems within a commercial building. Here are just some of the systems that can be included in an IBMS:

  • HVAC: The IBMS can automatically adjust your building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning settings to create optimized temperatures for each zone of the building, allowing for maximum efficiency based on occupancy and outside weather conditions.

  • Lighting: Control all interior and exterior lighting from the IBMS. Create schedules to turn lights on/off based on the time of day and building usage. Dim or brighten lighting as needed for different spaces.

  • Security: Link security cameras, access control systems, and intrusion detection sensors to your IBMS. Continuous monitoring provides alerts to unauthorized access or security failures.

  • Fire Safety: Connect fire alarms and sprinkler systems to enable 24/7 monitoring. The IBMS alerts you to potential fires or malfunctions in the fire safety equipment and records regular testing to ensure compliance.

  • Plumbing: Monitor water usage and detect leaks through electronic metering and leak detection sensors tied into your IBMS. Receive alerts to potential flood situations before significant damage occurs.

  • Elevators: Monitor elevator usage and performance to optimize efficiency and passenger movement through the building. Detect malfunctions or emergencies for rapid response.

Integrating all these elements allows an IBMS to provide a holistic view of your commercial building’s management through a single interface. It automates many routine tasks and delivers critical data to enable better decision-making.


The Benefits of an IBMS for Your Commercial Space

Automating tasks and controlling various systems from one place offers numerous benefits. Here are the most common:

  1. Save Money Through Efficiency

An integrated building management system lets you control and monitor building systems from a single interface. This consolidated control leads to greater efficiency, which translates to lower costs.

  1. Reduce Energy Usage

With an IBMS, you can schedule your HVAC and lighting to turn off automatically during unoccupied hours. You can also adjust temperatures remotely based on the weather. These features typically reduce energy usage by 10-15% per year.

  1. Prevent Costly Emergencies

By connecting all building systems into a single monitoring platform, an IBMS provides alerts to potential issues before they become emergencies. For example, the system can alert you to water leaks and electrical issues so that you can perform preventative maintenance or repairs. Tackling problems early will help you avoid the high costs of emergency repairs and system failures.

  1. Improve Comfort and Productivity

When building systems are running at optimal efficiency, indoor environmental quality improves, which leads to greater comfort for occupants, which boosts productivity, satisfaction, and health.

  1. Precisely Control Temperature

With an IBMS, you have complete control over the temperatures in different zones of your commercial building. You can increase or decrease the temperature in one area without impacting others. This precise control ensures ideal temperatures for occupant comfort throughout the day. When the building is unoccupied at night, over the weekends, or on holidays, you can reduce the HVAC’s work, thus lowering your energy bills.

  1. Automate Lighting for Focus

You can program your IBMS to automatically adjust lighting based on the time of day and function of each space. For example, you can brighten office lighting in the morning to energize staff, then dim lights slightly in the afternoon to minimize eyestrain. This automated, purposeful lighting improves focus and productivity.

  1. Enhance Regulatory Compliance

Commercial buildings must meet regulations around safety, security, and efficiency. An IBMS helps ensure all compliance requirements are met through automated monitoring, alerts, and reporting.

  1. Fire Safety

Your IBMS can connect directly to fire alarms and suppression systems. It monitors these systems 24/7 to detect issues early and can automatically send alerts if there is a fire or failure in the fire safety equipment. The IBMS also records and reports on regular fire alarm testing to comply with regulations.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Many areas have regulations around commercial building energy usage and emissions. An IBMS records your building’s energy consumption and efficiency over time. It can generate reports on your compliance with local regulations and help identify additional opportunities for improvement.

  1. Tightened Security

When you link your IBMS to your building’s security cameras, access controls, and intrusion detection systems, it will continuously monitor these systems to detect unauthorized access and failures in the security equipment. The IBMS also maintains records of regular testing and maintenance required for compliance.


Explore IBMS Options for Your Commercial Property

An integrated building management system creates opportunities for cost savings, improved environmental quality, and simplified regulatory compliance. By consolidating control of all your building systems onto a single platform, an IBMS is a sound investment for optimizing your commercial space.


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