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How Solar-Powered Battery Storage Can Aid in Off-Grid Living and Emergencies

solar battery storage

How Solar-Powered Battery Storage Can Aid in Off-Grid Living and Emergencies

4 Benefits of Solar-Powered Battery Storage Systems

Home and business owners are turning to solar energy for their electric needs. In fact, studies by the PEW Research Center suggest that residential solar installations increased by 34% in 2021, with 39% of homeowners considering going solar soon. Not only does going solar offer financial benefits, but it’s also an environmentally conscious decision.


Since solar energy generates free energy from the sun, it’s a great way to reduce utility bills, lessen your carbon footprint, and join the electrification movement. Of course, the sun doesn’t always shine when we need it most, and that’s where solar-powered battery storage saves the day.


Adding solar power battery storage to your solar setup helps you store extra energy generated during the day for use during times when the sun is hidden away. In addition, solar batteries are not just convenient for daily (or nightly) use—they help during emergency situations and blackouts.


Whether you’re already using solar energy at home or planning to set up a new solar-powered system, adding solar battery storage can help you stay off the grid and provide the comfort you need during blackouts or other emergencies.

Solar-Powered Battery Storage Improves Your Solar Setup

For those wanting to live entirely off-grid, solar energy is an attractive way to achieve independence from utility companies. Unfortunately, just having a solar power system attached to your home doesn’t completely get you off the grid. Most solar setups are still tied to the grid. That means when the grid fails, you’ll experience a loss in your overall electrical system. Even if your solar panels continue working during a blackout, the system will only provide electricity when the sun is shining.


Only when your solar power system is paired with solar-powered battery storage does it become a reliable energy solution for off-grid living or emergency situations.


Solar energy storage allows excess solar energy to be stored in the batteries during the day and then discharged in the evening to power your home. Many off-grid systems also include a backup generator for extended periods of limited sunlight or during emergencies. When selecting batteries for off-grid living, you want maximum reliability and capacity.

Benefits of Battery Storage for Off-Grid Living

  1. Battery Storage Provides Emergency Backup Power

For typical homes, adding battery storage to a solar setup provides emergency backup power during power outages. When an issue occurs, your home automatically switches to your solar and battery system. Depending on your setup, lighting, refrigeration, medical equipment, and phones/computers can remain powered for hours or even days. This emergency backup power provides security and peace of mind in severe weather events or natural disasters.

  1. Battery Storage Offers Quiet Backup Power

Solar-powered battery storage provides backup power without making any noise or emitting any harmful gases. Standard fuel generators are loud, smelly, and polluting, affecting the health and comfort of people and animals. Solar battery storage can operate silently and cleanly, improving the quality of life and reducing the carbon footprint. Your neighbors will thank you for not adding noise and fumes to the stressful power outage.

  1. Battery Storage Shifts Your Load During Peak Hours

Solar battery storage is a game-changer when saving money on your electricity bills. By shifting your usage from peak to off-peak hours, you can take advantage of lower utility rates when electricity demand is low.


During off-peak hours, when electricity is cheap, solar battery storage can charge from the grid at a lower cost. These batteries will discharge the energy during peak hours when the price is high. You can significantly reduce the overall cost of electricity consumption and keep more of your money in your pocket in the long run.

  1. Battery Storage Provides Clean Energy at Your Fingertips

Solar battery storage is also a great way to increase your self-reliance on clean energy, reduce your dependence on fossil fuels, and further the electrification movement. By tapping into solar energy, you can live off the grid and enjoy remote access to electricity without worrying about energy shortages or costs.

Choosing the Right Battery Storage System

When selecting a battery storage system, it’s essential to consider your needs and budget. Solar-powered battery storage systems come in various sizes, catering to different requirements.


If you’re looking for backup power, consider a battery system with a maximum capacity for short periods. Lead-acid batteries are a cost-effective option, as they don’t need to be used daily and can be recharged frequently.


For most homes, 12 to 24 hours of emergency backup power is usually sufficient to last overnight before being recharged the next day. Lithium-ion batteries are a popular choice, as they provide high power density for their size, efficient charging and discharging, and can last up to 10 years.


In some locations and situations, you may need three to five days of battery storage or more to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. Be sure to choose a system that meets your needs and provides the necessary backup power to keep you going during outages.


An emergency subpanel may also be installed only to back up essential circuits in your home. An experienced Gilroy electrician can help you determine how much battery storage you need based on location, home size, and off-grid lifestyle.


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