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The Benefits of Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Your Workplace

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The Benefits of Installing an Electric Vehicle
Charging Station at Your Workplace
Accelerate Your Business with an Electric Vehicle Charging
The shift to sustainable energy is accelerating, and the movement toward electrification is
growing. Electric vehicles (EVs) are leading the way. As EV adoption grows, businesses can
install EV charging stations for employees and customers. By doing so, they can support eco-
friendly transportation and gain significant benefits.

Read on to discover the benefits of installing an electric vehicle charging station at your
Adding an Electric Vehicle Charging Station: What You Need to
Installing an EV charging station at your workplace is a straightforward process, but you must
make a few critical decisions. For starters, you can choose from several different kinds of EV
charging stations:
● Level 1 - Provides charging through a standard 120V outlet. These chargers offer the
least expensive option but take longer to charge and require a dedicated outlet. A Level
1 charger is ideal for those parked for more extended periods.
● Level 2 - Uses a 240V outlet to provide faster charging. Ideal for most workplace
needs. Installing a 240V circuit breaker and outlet can cost a few thousand dollars but
saves tons of time keeping your vehicle fully charged.
● Level 3 - Requires special high-voltage equipment to provide the fastest charging. Best
for commercial stations, bus depots, and taxi fleets. Level 3 chargers are the market's
most expensive electric vehicle charging stations but offer the fastest charging times.
Once you determine the charger type, you’ll need to install the necessary electrical
infrastructure, which typically requires the services of a licensed electrician. Permits are also
part of the project. Hiring a certified installer like Watson’s Charging Stations & Electric is best
to handle this process efficiently and ensure safety, reliability, and compliance with all local
You’ll need to determine an operational model with the charging station installed. You can
provide free charging as an employee or customer perk or install a payment system with RFID
access cards, app payments, or credit card terminals to generate revenue from public charging.
Regardless of your chosen model, an EV charging station at your workplace can yield
significant benefits.
EV Charging Stations: Benefits for Your Business
1. Convenience and Productivity for Employees: Workplace charging offers unparalleled
convenience for employees with EVs. They can charge during work hours, eliminating
anxiety and providing peace of mind. Employees will feel supported in their sustainable

choices and can focus on their work rather than worrying about their next charge, which
boosts workplace satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty.
2. Attracting and Retaining Top Talent: Providing EV charging shows your company’s
commitment to sustainability and supporting employees. This act will attract and retain
innovative, ecologically-minded top talent. Candidates weighing multiple job offers
may see workplace charging as a desirable employee perk that sets your company
3. Financial Incentives: Governments offer incentives like tax credits, rebates, and grants
for businesses and individuals to adopt EVs and EV infrastructure. These incentives can
offset a considerable portion of EV charging station costs, making installation highly
affordable. Your company can reap the benefits of workplace charging at a fraction of
the cost.
4. Reduced Environmental Impact: Workplace charging allows and encourages
employees to drive EVs, significantly reducing emissions from their daily commutes.
You can demonstrate your company’s commitment to advancing sustainability, fighting
climate change, and reducing the environmental impacts of business operations.
5. Additional Revenue Generation: If you install an EV charging station management
system and payment infrastructure, the fees from public charging can provide an
ongoing revenue stream to balance costs or generate profit. Over time, as EV adoption
usage grows, the station can become an asset that produces a sizable income.
6. Customer Attraction and Loyalty: An EV charging station attracts environmentally-
conscious customers and builds loyalty through value-added convenience. Customers
will see your company as progressive, innovative, and eco-friendly, strengthening your
brand and driving repeat business. On top of that, drivers need somewhere to pass the
time while they charge their vehicles, which can increase your company’s foot traffic.
7. Reputational Benefits: Installing EV charging stations at your workplace demonstrates
your company’s commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility, and
innovation. This reputation will attract top talent, generate goodwill with the local
community, and appeal to like-minded customers. Your company will be recognized as
a leader in empowering the transition to sustainable energy and transportation.
Planning Your EV Charging Station
Once you decide to install EV charging at your workplace, it’s time to develop a comprehensive
plan. Here are some key considerations:
● Location: Choose a spot that’s convenient for employees and/or customers, has the
available electrical capacity, and is highly visible.

● Number of Chargers: Start with a few Level 2 chargers for employees and consider
adding additional chargers or a Level 3 fast charger. Scale up over time as demand
● Electrical Upgrades: Determine if your facility’s existing electrical infrastructure can
support EV charging or if upgrades are needed. These electrical upgrades may require
new dedicated circuits, panels, transformers, and wiring. Consult your local Gilroy
electrician to evaluate your needs.
● Load Management: For workplaces providing free employee charging, install load
management technology to minimize demand charges. This addition will cut costs by
balancing power needs.
● Payment Options: For public use, choose a payment system, pricing policies, and billing
infrastructure. Apps, RFID cards, and credit card terminals are all options. Set prices
competitively based on regional rates.
● Policies and Signage: Develop policies regarding the use of the stations, fees, time
limits, and reservations ahead of installation. Post clear signage to communicate
policies, contact information, prices, etc.
● Maintenance: Plan for ongoing support and maintenance to ensure a smooth customer
experience and compliance and to maximize station uptime. Find an experienced service
contractor to handle issues promptly.
● Future Growth: Choose charging equipment and installation that allow for capacity
increases and additional stations over time. Demand for EV charging will only
accelerate, so build with growth in mind.
● Costs and Financing: Determine all costs involved, including equipment, installation,
upgrades, management systems, maintenance, and potential revenue. Seek rebates, tax
credits, and grants. Explore all options to identify the best financing for your needs.
Explore Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Your Business
An investment in sustainable transportation is an investment in the future. By providing EV
charging today, your company will reap the rewards for years to come. Watson’s Charging
Stations & Electric is the premier electric vehicle charging station installation team in Gilroy,
CA, and the Santa Clara Valley. Whether you’re exploring your options or ready to start adding
chargers to your business, call us for a free consultation. Your business will never be the same.