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6 Benefits of an Annual Electrical Safety Inspection


6 Benefits of Scheduling an Electrical Safety
Inspection for Your Home
Stay Safe and Save on an Electrical Home Safety Inspection
Electricity plays such an integral role in our daily lives that we often take it for granted. It’s
easy to forget how potentially dangerous it can be if mishandled. According to research by the
National Fire Protection Association, faulty electrical wiring is the leading cause of residential
fires in the U.S., and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that improper use
of electrical devices causes the majority of electrocutions in homes.

However, the risks of electricity can be easily mitigated by scheduling an annual electrical
safety inspection with a licensed electrician. As the leading team of electricians in Santa Clara
County, CA, Watson’s Charging Stations & Electric performs electrical safety inspections daily.
Our overarching goal is to help residents clean and save electrical usage in their Gilroy homes.
Read on to learn more about why you should schedule a yearly electrical safety inspection for
your home.
What Does an Electrical Safety Inspection Involve?
An electrical safety inspection is a thorough check of your home’s entire electrical system to
ensure that all wiring, electrical panels, breakers, fuses, outlets, light fixtures, and other
components meet the necessary safety standards. The electrician conducting the inspection
will follow the guidelines outlined in the National Electrical Code, the standard to which all
electricians in the U.S. must adhere, and any local codes that apply.
Once the inspection is complete, the electrician will provide you with a comprehensive report
outlining any issues that require immediate attention, recommended upgrades or
improvements, and potential repairs or replacements that should make it into your budget. By
identifying and fixing any hazards, an electrical safety inspection gives homeowners invaluable
peace of mind regarding their homes’ electrical systems' safety, reliability, and energy
The Benefits of Regular Electrical Safety Inspections
Scheduling annual electrical safety inspections offers many benefits for your home and family:
1. Ensures the safe and proper functioning of all electrical components: The electrician
will detect any improper wiring or installation by previous contractors or DIY
attempts—such as loose connections, ungrounded circuits, overloaded breakers, or
worn insulation—and make necessary repairs. Left unaddressed, these issues pose fire
risks, power outages, and electrocution risks.
2. Identifies outdated or deteriorating wiring and fixtures: The electrician will spot
corrosion or damage to wiring, breakers, outlets, light fixtures, and other components,
especially in older homes. Outdated materials like aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring
will be upgraded to meet current safety standards.
3. Prevents overheating from improperly sized breakers or fuses: The electrician will
check that all breakers and fuses in the service panel are appropriate for the amperage
required by connected devices and wiring.

4. Improves energy efficiency and reduces costs: Based on the inspection, the electrician
may recommend efficiency upgrades like LED lighting, occupancy sensors, insulation
improvements, or the elimination of “vampire energy” waste. By maximizing the
efficient functioning of your electrical system, you can gain significant savings on utility
bills each month and reduce your carbon footprint.
5. Satisfies insurance inspection requirements: Some insurance companies require an
electrical safety inspection to approve initial coverage or renewal of homeowners’
insurance policies. The inspection confirms that the electrical system does not pose
significant risks that could lead to costly claims.
6. Reassurance of a safe, well-functioning system: The most significant benefit of
scheduling regular inspections is peace of mind. Knowing a trained professional has
thoroughly evaluated your electrical system and ensured no hazards are present lets
you rest easy in the safety and reliability of your home.
When Are Electrical Safety Inspections Especially Important?
While most experts recommend that all homeowners schedule electrical safety inspections at
least once per year, there are certain situations when an inspection is particularly urgent or
● Before purchasing a home: An inspection before purchase allows you to identify any
existing or potential electrical issues before taking ownership of the liability. You can
often request repairs or a reduction in price based on the estimated costs of the
necessary work.
● For homes over 40 years old: Electrical systems in older homes have had more time to
deteriorate or become outdated. Safety standards have also changed dramatically over
the years. An inspection helps keep the home up to current safety codes and reduce
● When adding a heavy-duty appliance: Installing a large appliance with high voltage
requirements, like an air conditioner, electric stove, or EV charging station, will strain
your home’s electrical system tremendously. An inspection is needed to determine if
the existing service panel, wiring, and breakers can handle the increased electrical load
or if upgrades are required.
● Following major renovations: Remodeling projects often involve altering or adding
new wiring, lighting, outlets, and other electrical components. An inspection should be
scheduled once work is complete to ensure all new electrical installations are done
correctly and up to code.

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Your home’s electrical system is too critical a component to neglect. By scheduling regular
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