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The Importance of an Electrification Maintenance Plan for Your Home

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Extend the Life of Your Electrification Efforts


As the electrification movement gains momentum, homeowners rely on renewable energy to power their homes. Consumers are embracing new, green technologies, from installing solar panels with solar energy storage systems to utilizing a smart electrical panel to keeping their cars running with home electric vehicle charging stations. Like any other equipment being used daily, these new technologies require maintenance to run their best.


Instead of waiting for a piece of gear to have problems, here is what you need to know about why maintenance plans are critical for home electrification.


What Is Electrification?

The most straightforward electrification definition is a movement to replace technology that relies on fossil fuels with tech powered by renewable energy sources like wind and solar. More homeowners are turning toward renewable power sources to help battle climate change.


Support for the electrification movement comes from various sources, including the federal government. President Biden recently signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law. One of the most significant focuses of the IRA is to reduce the USA’s dependency on fossil fuels. Homeowners and businesses can earn impressive tax credits for making eco-friendly home upgrades, including rebates for installing a Level 2 home charger, upgrading to a more efficient electrical panel, and converting to electrical appliances.


While many homeowners are excited about the convenience and cost-effective capabilities afforded to them through electrification, not everyone is considering making this new technology last. Even with generous federal and local tax incentives, upgrading to green technology is not something you want to do multiple times. A proper home maintenance plan is the most effective way to get the most value from your electrification efforts.


The Importance of Maintenance

We are already used to planned maintenance on things like our cars, home HVAC systems, etc. There is little debate about the importance of getting your oil changed or changing out your home’s air filters. In that same sense, maintaining smart electrical panels, electric vehicle home chargers, and energy storage systems is critical to maintaining your home.


In general, an electrification home maintenance plan focuses on four areas:



When a licensed electrician inspects your electrical equipment, they can ensure everything is operating safely. Many eco-friendly electrification technologies, like solar panels and EV home chargers, run on direct current at extremely high voltages. Even something as simple as a crimped cable, frayed wire, or loose connection could put you at risk of an electrical fire.


Electricians check every connection to ensure it is connected to the manufacturer’s specifications. They can even use infrared images to identify any signs of overheating. They will also check all the clips and bolts that hold everything in place to ensure that a storm or high-wind event does not come loose.



Any piece of gear that is not adequately maintained will become less efficient over time. Home electrification systems may need updated software, cleared of debris, and recalibrated on a regular basis to operate at peak efficiency.


Running Time

Planned maintenance means you can schedule when certain pieces of equipment are offline to service. The alternative is a costly repair that happens at the most inconvenient time. Imagine if a simple solar inverter fails during the hottest time of the year. You could be without power to your home, including your air conditioning, without notice. Unless you can get an emergency repair scheduled, you might be stuck sweating it out for a while.


Proper maintenance reduces the amount of time you spend waiting on the parts and labor required to keep your systems running.



Almost every component of a home electrification system comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. These warranties can cover the equipment and/or labor if something happens during coverage. Most contracts require maintenance defined by the manufacturer to remain intact. Warranties also help increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell.


What Is an Electrification Maintenance Plan?

A maintenance plan is an agreement or contract between a homeowner and a certified electrician. This agreement creates a plan to keep your green technology operating at its best all year. Maintenance plans are customized based on the type of equipment you own, but your electrification agreement should include the following:


Scheduled Maintenance

A good maintenance plan includes an outline of what maintenance will be performed and how often. This part of the plan is usually based on manufacturer recommendations. You can generally count on two visits per year, where skilled electricians will inspect your systems and performance manufacturer-recommended service.


Guaranteed Response

Your maintenance agreement should include a plan if part of your home’s electrification system fails. A response time guarantees that your provider will be on-site to complete repairs within a specific time frame. That means you aren’t stuck waiting until an appointment is available.


Payment Options

The final part of your maintenance plan will cover how you pay for the program. This arrangement could include monthly payments, a yearly agreement, or another arrangement. It can also have pre-set rates for repairs. Locking in repair rates can help if parts and labor prices rise with inflation, availability, or other factors.


Ultimately, a home maintenance plan puts you in a position to get the most value from your electrification efforts while also providing the peace of mind that you are covered when the unexpected happens.


Your Trusted Electrification Maintenance Partner

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Whether you are getting ready to upgrade your home to go green or you are interested in creating a customized maintenance plan for your home or business, give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.