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4 Reasons Why You Need an Electrical Inspection

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Keep Your Property Safe with an Electrical Inspection


Most home and business owners have a running list of regular maintenance that their properties require, from changing HVAC air filters to cleaning the gutters. One item that is often overlooked is a traditional home electrical inspection. Regardless of your home or business’s age or size, electrical inspections are a critical part of maintaining the safety and integrity of your property.


As the leading provider of electrical safety inspections in Gilroy, CA, and the Santa Clara County area for years. We know how to efficiently and accurately complete the electric inspection that will keep your family, employees, and property safe and give you the peace of mind you deserve.


Read on to learn the four most significant reasons you should consider scheduling a safety inspection.

  1. Save Money

Failing electrical systems can lead to damaged equipment, broken electronics, or electrical fires. These kinds of setbacks can cost you a fortune in repairs, replacements, and more, not counting the risk of tragedy that comes with electric disasters.


A routine electrical inspection allows a licensed electrician to know about faulty electrical repairs, damaged wires, malfunctioning outlets, outdated electrical services, or other issues before they become significant problems or cause expensive damage to your home.


The small cost of electrical safety inspections is well worth having peace of mind and avoiding financial ruin if something goes wrong.

  1. Reduce Risk

Along with saving money in the long run, a regular electrical safety inspection can correct issues before they become major problems. Even a tiny malfunction can turn into a calamity when it goes unchecked. When you have an electrical contractor complete an electrical inspection, they will check to ensure your electrical panel can handle your home’s electrical needs. They will also check for damaged or improperly installed wires and outlets, outdated electric meters/panels, and more.


At each level, your electrician will look for signs of wear and tear, note potential risks, and suggest repairs that can remove the threat from your property. More importantly, you can avoid significant catastrophes like electrical fires or the loss of life.

  1. Optimize Your Property

While many homeowners only care about functionality, more people are looking toward efficiency. With the rising costs of utilities, homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their costs and make their homes more efficient.


An electrical inspection does not just look for potential problems in your property. Electricians can also help you see opportunities for growth and innovation. For example, did you know that the recently signed legislation (the Inflation Reduction Act) provides several tax incentives to join the electrification movement? Property owners can save a ton when they switch to solar power, upgrade their electrical service panels, replace old wiring, switch to electric appliances, and make other efficiency upgrades to their properties.


Not only can an electrician with a license spot opportunities for efficiency upgrades, but they can also make sure your existing electrical grid can handle new demands. For example, you might want to install a whole house battery backup system that collects electricity when utility costs are low and uses it when costs are higher. If your electrical system is not up to date, this kind of optimization will not be possible. When you strive for a more efficient home, you will enjoy cost savings that will last years to come.

  1. Stay Compliant

Electrical codes change over time. Your home or business property may have complied with all safety codes a few decades ago, but it might not meet current standards. Electrical codes exist for a reason: to keep properties operating safely and efficiently.


For example, many older homes have electrical panels from Federal Pacific or Zinsco. While these panels were acceptable during their use time, they have been deemed unsafe by modern standards. These electrical panels no longer meet current codes. Take the split-bus panels from the past. These panels use multiple disconnects to control their breakers, and multiple disconnects no longer meet modern standards.


If your electrical system is not compliant with current codes, your property is not only at risk, but your insurance plan is as well. Most homeowner and property insurance plans require compliance with modern codes, and you might find that your claim is denied if there is an incident.


Electrical safety inspections ensure that your property and equipment meet all of the current standards. If your electrician finds something that is not up to code, they can make recommendations on how to align with current standards.


Schedule an Electrical Inspection Today

Whether you are building a brand new house or have the oldest property in town, an electrical inspection is an integral part of your property’s upkeep. A new home/construction inspection can ensure that your builders do everything safely and up to code. The county may require various inspections along the way to obtain permits, but these inspectors only look for certain things. Once the walls go up in your new home, there is no telling what is back there. Getting an inspection early can help avoid problems later.


In older homes, wires, outlets, and fixtures can wear down over time. The older the property, the higher the chance that wires are made of substandard material or installed using outdated methods. If nothing else, your current electrical situation may limit you from making upgrades like adding an electric vehicle home charger, smart electrical panel, electric appliances, and more.


Even if you do not experience frequently tripped circuit breakers, have a house full of two-pronged outlets, or find exposed wire throughout your home, it is still worth having a professional and licensed electrician perform an electrical inspection. That inspection is even more important if you notice any of the aforementioned issues.


Get the peace of mind you deserve and call Watson’s Charging Stations & Electric. We are happy to discuss any of your electrical projects and provide you with a free consultation. Whether you have a new house in the works or just want to ensure that your current home is running its best, give us a call to schedule your electrical inspection today.