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5 Perks Of Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station At Your Business

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You would have laughed at the idea if someone had told you a decade ago that electric vehicles would rule the road. When someone shares the same sentiment today, you nod in agreement. Eco-friendly electric vehicles are a driving force in the modern automotive market. The types of vehicles your customers drive may not impact your business directly, but there is a way to attract these kinds of drivers and capitalize on the trend for greener transportation. All EVs have one critical thing in common: they need to be recharged to run. Unfortunately, the number of charging stations across the country has not grown at the same pace as EV purchases, which means your business could stand out by offering an electric vehicle charging station. Here are five perks that you can enjoy by having Watson’s Charging Stations &¬†Electric install an on-site electric vehicle charging station at your business in the Gilroy, CA, area:

1. Elevate Brand Awareness

While some EV owners already have an electric vehicle home charger, many drivers still rely on public EV chargers to keep their vehicles running. EV drivers use various smartphone apps to search for locations equipped with EV charging stations.
Even someone who prefers using their Level 2 home charger will go out of their way to ensure there are EV chargers along their route. Your business will be part of potential customers’ regular driving routine, which produces greater awareness of your company.
If you really want to stand out, install a commercial Level 3 electric vehicle charging station that recharges cars faster and gives your business a competitive advantage. Whether shoppers stop by your store immediately or simply use the charging station in your parking lot, your brand will be associated with the positive feeling of having a full charge.

2. Increase Foot Traffic

One of the few downsides of owning an EV is that it takes longer to charge than filling up your tank at the gas station. The average gasoline car can go from an empty tank to a full tank in only a few minutes. The standard electric vehicle charging station takes about 30 minutes to charge a vehicle up to 80% of its capacity, and less powerful EV chargers can take even longer. When EV drivers use your EV chargers, they will have some time to kill while they wait for their battery to recharge. This downtime is an excellent time for them to enter your store, browse your products, or research your company online. If an EV driver is already shopping with your company or utilizing one of your services while their car is being charged, they are more likely to stay longer at your business. Some companies are even adding lounges on the property where drivers can relax, purchase a coffee, or enjoy free Wi-Fi. These kinds of perks make your business the place EV drivers want to visit, even if it’s out of the way of their usual route.

3. Attract and Retain EV Driving Employees

Your customers are not the only people who would benefit from electric vehicle charger
installation on your property. You will also delight current employees who drive electric
vehicles and increase the number of potential employees applying to your firm.
While drivers choose to drive EVs for various reasons, they tend to share certain
characteristics, like being open to new technology, pursuing innovation, and being
environmentally conscious. These are all fantastic characteristics to have in your workforce.

Along with attracting new talent, your electric vehicle charging station will help build a sense of loyalty with your existing employees, especially for EV-owning employees who don’t have EV chargers at home. While some companies offer nothing more than free snacks as an employee amenity, you can provide the power of transportation freedom.

4. Showcase Your Company’s Commitment To Going Green

The modern shopper cares more about a company than just its services, products, and prices, and they also care about the company’s mission and social awareness. Recent studies even show that more than a third of consumers are willing to pay more at businesses that are committed to environmentally-friendly initiatives.
What better way to showcase your company’s green initiative than an on-site EV charger? An electric vehicle charging station is a visible calling card to the world that your company cares about the environment. It will also help you earn prestigious recognitions like a Building Environment Standards certification, which shows off your commitment to the environment.

5. Raise The Value Of Your Property

Commercial real estate experts like the Simon Property Group and the Federal Realty
Investment Trust recognize the importance of EV charger installation. The value of your
property is more important than just its potential selling price. You can also borrow money on the equity of your property to reinvest into your business. Just like how a residential property goes through various assessments and appraisals, commercial property has a value assigned to it. Increasing the value of the commercial property comes in many different forms: updating signage, reconfigured space, and an exterior facelift are a few of the most common. In terms of return on investment, updating and modernizing a space is the greatest way to increase its value. What is more updated and modern than an EV charging station on-site?

Go With Commercial Electric Vehicle Charger Station Installation Pros

If you are considering adding an EV charging station to your business, stick with the experts. At Watson’s Charging Station &¬†Electric, we know how to handle all of your electrical needs. Our team of experienced and skilled electricians is eager to customize the perfect EV charging solution for you. Whether you are looking to add a single electric vehicle home charger or you require a full setup to keep your EV fleet ready to go, we are ready to get to work. Learn more about your options and get a free estimate when you contact us for your next electrical job today.