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How Solar Energy Storage Expands Your Solar Power System

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the world of solar power is how this kind of system can keep the lights on when the sun is not shining. When the sun goes down for the night, smog fills the air, or a big storm rolls in, your solar power system stops producing power, even though your energy needs do not disappear. If you have moved towards electrification and use electricity to power your car, appliances, and home, how can you keep the refrigerator running when the sun is hiding?


The answer: home energy storage. A solar power off-grid system retains the power created by your solar panels for use when the sun is not available to produce more energy. An energy storage system can also help lower your monthly utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.


Read on to learn more about how solar energy storage systems can help you keep the lights on when it goes dark outside.

Combining Solar Power and Energy Storage

A typical solar power system powers the home when the sun is shining. At night or times when the sun is not visible, the home pulls power from the local utility company. These systems send excess energy back to the local utility grid. You can often sell unused power back to the utility company for a modest price. Nationwide, between 20% and 40% of solar energy produced returns to the grid.


While most solar energy systems have enough storage to keep power flowing when a cloud blocks the sun for a few moments, a standard solar house battery does not store enough energy to handle an overcast day or power outage. That’s where a well-designed energy storage system from your local Gilroy electricians comes into play.


Thanks to several monumental technological advances, solar energy batteries have become more affordable, practical, and prominent in homes and businesses across the country. An expertly installed automated home energy storage system can help build independence from the grid and reduce overall energy costs.


Instead of sending excess energy to the electrical grid, a solar energy storage system stores unused power in a series of battery packs. The best part is that most solar battery packs are scalable, so you can grow your system as your energy needs change. This stored energy is available when your solar panels are not producing power.

Save Money With Solar Energy Storage

With a solar energy storage system in place, you can reduce your utility bills exponentially. Since a typical system needs to draw power from the electric grid through the night or when the sun is unavailable, you still have to pay an electric bill. That bill might be small, but it can add up over time, especially considering the rising cost of energy.


Instead of giving your excess energy to the utility company, your solar energy storage system puts it back to use for you. You can use solar energy throughout the night, during overcast days, and more.

Self-Sustaining Microgrids

When you hire an electrician in Santa Clara County to install the right equipment, you can create your own microgrid. These small grids are becoming more popular for homes, schools, business complexes, hospitals, and other local sites. A solar power system, combined with energy storage and a smart electric panel, turns your property into a self-sustaining system.


A smaller grid provides less expensive and more renewable power, which is more efficient for its users. While you can be completely independent of the grid, you can still stay connected to it if something happens with your solar power system, or if you need emergency power.

Future-Proof Your Home

A solar energy system can adapt and grow to meet your needs. Maybe you plan to install an EV charging station at your home or business. Perhaps you are switching to all electric appliances. Regardless of what kind of home improvements you plan to make in the future, your battery storage can expand to meet those needs.


Most battery systems can be stacked to increase their abilities. Make sure to work with licensed electrical contractors in the Santa Clara Valley if your system requires a Power Conversion System (PCS) or upgrades to your existing electrical infrastructure.

Solar Power Not Required

Some home or business owners love the idea of adding energy storage to their properties, but they do not have a solar system set up, as some properties and locations may not be ideal for solar power. For example, a home with an older roof may not support the required panels. A property may also be in too much shade, contain weird roof angles, or have local/HOA rules disallow solar panels.


Energy storage systems work wonderfully without solar panels. Instead of storing energy from the sun, your batteries merely store power from the local grid. You will still save money, as your system can store power during non-peak hours when electric prices are their lowest. Your home will then use the power during the most expensive hours of the day, thus reducing your utility bills. You will even have backup power in case of a power outage.

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