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Could Your Business Benefit from an Energy Storage System?

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Energy Storage


Regardless of your business type, a sudden power outage can be catastrophic to your company. An unexpected loss of power can result in a tremendous loss in your products, a delay in your services, and the deprivation of your customers.


At Watson’s Charging Stations & Electric, we know the importance of keeping your electrical equipment running during power outages. That is why we made a quick reference to the benefits of having an energy storage system. Read on to learn more about protecting your business with the appropriate energy storage systems.


What Is Energy Storage?

The term “energy storage” refers to anything from a backup battery system to solar energy storage to standby generators. While the particulars of each form of energy storage system differ, they all share a common purpose: to provide energy to your business during a power outage.


The most common energy storage systems are standby generators and battery backups. A backup generator creates electricity via natural gas, propane, diesel, or another fuel. They may not technically count as “energy storage,” but backup generators fall under the same umbrella as backup batteries. Unlike the portable generator you can purchase from a local big box store, standby generators are fixed in a specific location. They often resemble exterior air conditioning or other HVAC systems.


When your property loses power, the standby generator kicks on the produces power. You can even use smart functions to track your usage and adjust how power is distributed.


A battery backup system does not create new power, but it stores energy to be used later. The power that comes to your business through the local utility company or solar power panels on the building is stored in a series of batteries. When the power is shut off via a black or brownout, you can access the stored energy to keep the lights on.


While backup batteries and standby generators both provide power to your business, they have different upfront costs, maintenance requirements, and capabilities. Which solution is best for your business depends on your energy needs, budget, and ongoing risk of power outages. Check with an electrical contractor to determine which option is best for you.


4 Benefits of Energy Storage for Businesses

Regardless of whether you ultimately decide to go with a standby generator or a backup battery system, there are a variety of perks for your business.


Reduced Downtime

When you have an energy storage system or standby generator in place, your company does not have to stop during power outages. Most companies would be suddenly halted if the power were to go out. This downtime is exceptionally costly, primarily if your business deals with perishable goods, relies on Wi-Fi, or uses computers for any part of the job.


While most companies can most likely handle a few hours without power, a more prolonged power outage could be detrimental to business. With an energy storage system in place, your work can continue during a power loss.


Added Safety

Manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other fast-paced businesses have increased risks when the power goes out. Imagine having employees dealing with heavy equipment inside when the lights turn off or a technician performing intricate repairs. A power outage could result in someone getting injured or worse.


Every business has its own safety risks associated with losing power. It is critical that you explore your risk and liability during a power outage. Even something as simple as a customer slipping and falling due to poor lighting could turn into lawsuits and insurance claims.


Reduced Loss

Losing data is fodder for nightmares for most businesses. Most companies utilize computers or digital devices to manage their business and customer data. A sudden loss of power can turn into a quick loss of whatever project employees are completing.


Many mechanical hard drives can experience significant problems during a power loss, from corrupting files to losing them altogether. Permanently losing data could result in losing customers, falling behind on bills, and missing out on unpaid invoices.


Data is not the only thing at risk during a power outage. Anyone working with perishable foods or temperate-sensitive goods understands the cost and inconvenience associated with an inoperable food cooling system. Even a few hours without power could damage goods beyond repair, let alone an outage that lasts for days.


An energy storage system ensures that your freezers stay on even when the power is out. Modern energy storage systems allow you to control where the power goes, so you can prioritize those appliances, computers, and other equipment you cannot afford to lose.


Save Money

Not only does an energy storage system help you reduce the risk of losing data/products, shorten downtime, and keep people safe, but it can also reduce your company’s utility costs. A backup battery system can store energy when electricity costs are lower (non-peak hours), and that power can be used when electricity costs are higher.


Thanks to the various tax incentives offered by the California Self-Generation Program, you can save even more by just having a standby generator in place. You must also consider that electrical equipment can be damaged when power is restored through unwanted power surges. The best way to avoid paying for replacement gear is to protect the gear you already have.

Be Prepared with Watson’s Charging Stations & Electric

Power outages happen without warning. Whether an outage comes from an electrical storm, a downed power line, or a weak electrical grid, you can never predict when something will happen. Since you cannot know when and where an outage can occur, you want to be prepared.


Luckily, there are countless options to add an energy storage system to your business property. If you want to reduce your company’s risk and liability, call Watson’s Charging Stations & Electric for a complimentary consultation. We have been handling the electrical needs of the people of Gilroy, CA, and the Santa Clara Valley for years, and we can handle any electrical project you have on your plate. Give us a call, and let us be your resource for all of your energy storage and electrical needs.