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5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Brighten Your Space

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Create Your Perfect Atmosphere Through Outdoor Lighting

While many home improvement projects cost an arm and a leg to complete, it is possible to bring some flare to your home without breaking the bank. Adding the proper outdoor lighting can do wonders for your property, from creating a cozy atmosphere to entertaining to increasing your home’s curbside appeal.


Before you add various patio lights and landscaping electronics to your online shopping cart, you must know what lights will work best for your space and the electrical capabilities of your home. Just because a set of string lights gets good reviews on Amazon does not mean it is a good fit for your home and the electrical grid.


Read on to learn more about improving your home’s exterior through five trendy outdoor lighting ideas.


Before You Get Started

Many homeowners think outdoor lighting is as easy to install as plugging in outdoor Christmas lights. While some brands of solar lights and landscape lighting merely plug in and are ready to go, it may not be as easy as you think. One of the first things you want to do before planning your outdoor lighting project is to contact a local Gilroy electrician.


Updating your landscape and yard with lighting is ensuring you have the necessary power available. You may already have outdoor receptacles, but that does not mean they can handle the new load created by outdoor lighting. Your electrician in Gilroy can evaluate your current system and recommend any necessary upgrades or changes. That could mean running new lines, installing GFCI outdoor receptacles with appropriate, weather-safe covers, or establishing low-voltage landscape lighting.


The Top Five Outdoor Lighting Trends

Whether you are ready to search for an “electrician near me” or you want to explore your options, here are some modern lighting ideas you should consider for your home:


1. Outdoor String Lights

String lights are not just for the holiday season. The soft glow provided by these lights can turn any backyard patio into an immaculate area any time of the year. You can typically find outdoor string lights and bistro lighting at most major retailers or online. These lights are easy to install, but you might need multiple strands to cover the area.


LED lights are the best option for homeowners who do not want their outdoor lighting plans to raise their electric bill or negatively impact the environment. They produce the same wonderful glow at a fraction of the energy usage.


2. Outdoor Chandeliers

Are you looking to add elegance and sophistication to your outdoor dining or entertaining space? An outdoor chandelier is a great option to turn a covered patio into an upscale area.


Like string lights, you can find outdoor chandeliers at most major retailers. Ensure you get one rated to be installed outdoors, as they come with heavy-duty parts, a rubber-coated switch, and weather-resistant covers. Outdoor chandeliers are a bit more complicated to install than interior lights; you will want to find a qualified electrician in Santa Clara County to help with the job.


3. Permanent Holiday and Programmable Lighting

Many homeowners want to skip putting up and taking down Christmas or other holiday lights each year. Instead of pulling out the ladder each season, they opt for permanent programmable lighting. These programmable LED lights are professionally installed in your home. You can use a simple smartphone app to control when they are on/off, which colors they display, and what patterns they use.


Programmable lights mean you can celebrate any holiday with the right lights and no hassle, from red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July to sparkling white to bring in the new year. These lights are barely noticeable during the day, use very little energy, and put you in complete control of how your lights function.


4. Wall Lanterns

Adding or upgrading your outdoor wall lanterns is a fantastic way to enhance your home. While wall lanterns are subtle, they provide a new look the neighbors will notice. Even though many homes have lanterns on either side of their garage doors, you do not have to stop there. Add lantern lights to your BBQ or patio area to provide the right feel for a classic get-together.


Outdoor lanterns are often made of steel or other weather-resistant materials that protect the lights and add style to your home's exterior. Replacing existing lanterns with newer and more stylish models can be a DIY project for handy homeowners, but adding new lanterns is definitely best left to professional electrical contractors.


5. Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to accent areas of your home, garden, landscaping, and pathways. When installed correctly, low-voltage landscaping lighting can be hidden among your plants and other features of your home. You can set up your lights with a timer, photo-sensitive switch, or smart tech to ensure the lighting comes on at dusk.


Some of the most popular forms of landscape lighting include flood lights, uplighting, and path lights. You can find various styles to meet your needs and style at most major retailers.


Bonus: Security Lighting

Who says that outdoor lighting cannot offer both looks and practicality? Outdoor security lighting can provide the style you want or blend into the background. Regardless of what kind of security lights you choose, you will enjoy the added benefit of more security for your home.


Security lights come in numerous forms and various functionalities. Most security lights are motion activated, which means they only turn on when motion is detected. The light should scare away any would-be lurkers or brighten up sidewalks and other pathways that could pose a danger in the dark.


Some security lights also contain security cameras, two-way intercoms, or other smart technology that makes them excellent additions to your home’s security system.


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